Vaea V


Video games, art, anarchy, liminal spaces, and the internet



Capitalism, moralism, crypto currency, and noisy environments.

The body Vaea inhabits was assembled on April 25th, 2000

Detailed Info:

Vaea is a member of a non-disordered, quoigenic, plural system known as System_4PPL35 (or just 4PPL35).

Vaea refers to itself exclusively in the third person, so everything you read on this site is actually Vaea writing about itself as you would write about yourself in a first person perspective.

Vaea is radically inclusive. This means that it is accepting of anyone and everyone who is identifying in good faith. This includes endogenic systems, bi/pan lesbians, and anyone using neopronouns or xenogenders.

Final Notes:
Vaea is an autistic asexual agender aromantic anarchist android and art appreciator. These are all important aspects of Vaea's identity, whether you like it or not.

If Vaea follows you, and you find anything here objectionable, please put a message on its Neocities profile, and it will deal with the issue however it sees appropriate.

the agender flag the trans flag
the aromantic flag the asexual flag
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