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July 29, 2921

Another Boring One

Sometimes Vaea simply finds it moderately exhausting to merely exist. This may be a contributing factor in our body's absolutely ruined sleep schedule. Vaea is Vaea, and nothing can change that. But sometimes Vaea wishes for ways to make living as itself a bit easier. It'd be nice of our body was some approximation of something any of us could be happy with, but that sadly isn't much the case. To remedy that issue would be quite expensive, and it's not an expense we are currently at liberty to pay. Vaea's not sure we'll ever find ourselves in that position.
Vaea just doesn't understand why the world has to be the way it is sometimes. It's a loud, scary, unaccommodating mess. It certainly hasn't done much to accomodate for Vaea's existence.
Vaea is feeling tired

July 28, 2021

Red Redemption

Vaea recently obtained the game Red Dead Redemption 2 through means it will not disclose. It's been enjoying the game quite a bit. Early on it kept thinking about how it could be playing Breath of the Wild instead, but that feeling has since subsided. Mostly because the gunplay, and the physicality of the gunfights is just so enjoyable. Also managing the campsite is a really nice activity. Vaea enjoys hunting for animals to bring back to the campsite, and collecting trinkets to sell to help out even further. The missions are nice too, and are generally good for giving Vaea reasons to go to various places the first time around.
All in all, Vaea is enjoying the game, but would still recommend obtaining it through similar means. Again, Vaea will not disclose these means, but you can probably guess what they are if you're clever.
Vaea is feeling reasonable

July 27, 2021


Vaea's mind is full of way too many thoughts right now. It just absolutely cannot make sense of it all. Everything's just moving around and nothing is sitting with clarity. If Vaea had to establish a thematic connection between all of it, it'd probably be that Vaea is realizing just how many trauma responses we've developed. It feels really fucked up when it starts actually describing the way we're constantly on edge for absolutely no reason. Everything is in complete focus, because if it wasn't... well we might miss something important and make someone upset. That would be bad.
Vaea is feeling uncomfortable

July 26, 2021

Good Morning Lefties

Today Vaea has decided to be angry about right-handed privilege. Although students are no longer being physically abused for being left-handed (albeit that was less than a century ago), left-handed people still face certain challenges. Basically nothing is designed for left-handed people, and sometimes things are even designed right-handed for basically no reason. Vaea's seen SCHOOL DESKS made for right-handed people. It's bullshit.
Vaea has a memory, back in elementary school, of some random adult coming into our classroom and trying to get us to hold a pen in a way that was physically uncomfortable for us. This was simply so that the pen would be following our hand like it does naturally for people who are right-handed.
Even just the way we're using the computer right now, with the mouse on the right side. We've become accustomed to it, but it's rather ridiculous that this is pretty much the only layout made available to us. Especially if you enjoy playing video games. It's why we use controllers whenever their use doesn't actively impede gameplay. Gaming controllers are one of the few things in this world actually designed for left-handed people (although inadvertently as a result of more left-handed bias).
Anyway, that's Vaea's rant. Hope it connected to some people, or at least put some additional understanding out there. If not... whatever. This is just a place where Vaea can vent its thoughts on a daily basis.
Vaea is feeling frustrated