Coming to Understand the Modern Web

The modern web is a fucking dumpster fire. It's falling apart at the seams because people who have no fucking idea what they're doing strut in with confidence that it's "actually really simple". Their goal is simply to make a quick buck at the expense of the self-expression of others.

Vaea is on Neocities and Cohost because every other place is on the verge of an absolute break down. Vaea's just waiting for an actually user friendly P2P voice, text, and video protocol to pop up so it can move away from Discord as well and take everyone with it.

The "Old Web" isn't about nostalgia. It's about escaping from the profit-driven hellhole that is the capitalist web. It's about escaping this awful cycle of building up and tearing down places because they couldn't turn a damn profit. Go play Hypnospace Outlaw and Broken Reality. They're good games that do a great job exploring what is great and what is awful about the world wide web.

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