Vaea's Experience With the Small Web

Vaea first made its page on Neocities for two main reasons.

These reasons still hold relatively true, but they aren't really what have kept Vaea here. Vaea has come to discover that "the old web" is very much something that is still alive. People still make these small, insular communities that you have to put in the effort to find. And people still have personal webpages for hosting content they create or to share their personal interests with whoever sees. People still express themselves.

"The old web" isn't just an aesthetic. It's not just some forgotten concept to ogle at and attempt to superficially re-create. Although Broken Reality and Hypnospace Outlaw are absolutely Vaea's favourite games, it didn't really get the message it should have the first time it experienced them.

The small web is a place to share who you are with the world in your own unique way. Most people here have full control and awareness of the code that powers their pages. The only real exceptions being the backend on Neocities that allows for a custom 404 page, and whatever code people might be calling in from external sources.

Vaea appreciates that Neocities has provided it a portal into a whole other side of the Internet that isn't packed to the brim with SEO and capitalist bullshit. There's so much cool stuff to find if you're willing to just dig around looking for it.

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